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Gel parodontologie Emdogain 0.7ml

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Emdogain 0.7ml
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Detail of the period when the root sheath cells (blue) secrete enamel matrix proteins. Following formation of the protein matrix on the surface of the mineralizing dentin, cementoblasts (Red) start producing cementum (Light blue) which anchors collagen fibers.

EMDOGAIN is an enamel matrix protein that recreates all necessary tissues of true functional attachment in patients presenting with moderate to advanced peridontitis.

Clinical documentation for EMDOGAIN has been obtained from series of strictly designed studies involving nearly 300 patients at 15 clinics throughout the US. and Sweden.

Patients have been followed for over three years and have shown uniform improvement in EMDOGAIN treated teeth compared to control surgery, by achieving statistical significance for probing pocket reduction, clinical attachment gain and radiographic bone gain.

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